Perspectives on the L2 Phrasicon: The View from Learner Corpora

Edited by: Sylviane Granger

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This is the very first book to investigate the field of phraseology from a learner corpus perspective, bringing together studies at the cutting edge of corpus-based research into phraseology and language learners. The chapters include learner-corpus-based studies of phraseological units in varieties of learner language differentiated in terms of task and/or learner variables, compared with each other or with one or more reference corpora; mixed-methods studies that combine learner corpus data with more experimental data types (e.g. eyetracking); and instruction-oriented studies that show how learner-corpus-based insights can be used to inform second language (L2) teaching and testing. The detailed analysis of a wide range of multiword units (collocations, lexical bundles, lexico-grammatical patterns) and extensive learner corpus data provide the reader with a comprehensive theoretical, methodological and applied perspective onto L2 use in a wide range of situations. The knowledge gained from these learner corpus studies has major implications for L2 theory and practice and will help to inform pedagogical assessment and practice.

This is an excellent overview of recent findings from the area of learner corpus research and phraseology. With valuable contributions from experts in the field, the volume provides a wealth of insights into the current methodologies and developments at the interface of corpus linguistics, learner corpora and second language acquisition. A very-much needed and timely resource for students and researchers interested in this fast-growing field.

Paweł Szudarski, University of Nottingham, UK

Sylviane Granger brings together a collection of cutting-edge studies by key researchers examining the use of phraseological units in learner corpora. The volume is engaging, accessible, and a valuable addition to the literature on phraseology. It should become an important resource for both graduate students and scholars.

Stuart Webb, University of Western Ontario, Canada

This volume is essential reading for anyone interested in learner language and the links between phraseology and acquisition. It curates cutting-edge work from many expert perspectives and showcases a range of corpora and methodologies. Most significantly, chapters go beyond describing and contrasting learner language, they address important second language acquisition research questions using learner corpus research tools.

Anne O'Keeffe, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Ireland

Sylviane Granger is Professor Emerita of English Language and Linguistics at the University of Louvain, Belgium. She is a leading researcher in the field of learner corpus studies and has published extensively in the areas of corpus linguistics, learner language, contrastive linguistics, translation studies and lexicography.


Part 1: Introduction

1. Sylviane Granger: Phraseology, Corpora and L2 Research

Part 2: The Learner Phrasicon: Synchronic Approaches

2. Signe Oksefjell Ebeling and Hilde Hasselgård: The Functions of N-grams in Bilingual and Learner Corpora: An Integrated Contrastive Approach

3. Henrik Gyllstad and Per Snoder: Exploring Learner Corpus Data for Language Testing and Assessment Purposes: The Case of Verb + Noun Collocations

4. Gaëtanelle Gilquin and Sylviane Granger: The Passive and the Lexis-Grammar Interface: An Inter-varietal Perspective

Part 3: The Learner Phrasicon: Developmental Approaches

5. Rachel Rubin, Alex Housen and Magali Paquot: Phraseological Complexity as an Index of L2 Dutch Writing Proficiency: A Partial Replication Study

6. Kristopher Kyle and Masaki Eguchi: Automatically Assessing Lexical Sophistication Using Word, Bigram, and Dependency Indices

7. Vaclav Brezina and Lorrae Fox: Adjective + Noun Collocations in L2 and L1 Speech: Evidence from the Trinity Lancaster Corpus and the Spoken BNC2014

8. Taha Omidian, Anna Siyanova-Chanturia and Stefania Spina: Development of Formulaic Knowledge in Learner Writing: A Longitudinal Perspective

9. Marco Schilk: Tracing Collocation in Learner Production and Processing: Integrating Corpus Linguistic and Experimental Approaches

Part 4: Postface

10. David Singleton: Phrasicon, Phrase, Phraseology


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