Oceania: A Tourism Handbook

Edited by: Chris Cooper, C. Michael Hall

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This book draws together a wide range of sources to provide the most comprehensive handbook of tourism in Oceania available. It is designed to act as a single source of reference for tourism in a region that is growing in significance as a tourism destination. Oceania provides a detailed anatomy of tourism in the region on a country by country basis, as well as a view of the future and an analysis of key issues contributed by experts in the field.

The topic of this book is a difficult subject to study, but the job has certainly been accomplished in a commendable way here. The authors are well known experts who are very familiar with the Pacific perspective. The book should be a very significant reference guide for those interested in trends and issues in Oceanic tourism, including industry and government officials as well as students.

Adriana Galvani, Universita di Bologna in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 14:4, 2006

Oceania: A Tourism Handbook is an extraordinary and admirable volume. The editors of this book deserve praise for their success.

Valene Smith, California State University-Chico in Annals of Tourism Research 33 (2)

This is an authoritative, comprehensive and insightful examination of tourism in a complex part of the world. The book, with its exhaustive tables, charts and maps will make a significant contribution to our understanding the political, social and economic realities all too often masked by the centuries old myth of Pacific Paradise. With four major sections, the book quite rightly focuses its attention first on Australia and New Zealand, which between them, account for much of the territory's tourism. Following on from this, a detailed account of tourism in the Pacific islands of Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia. The final section on 'contemporary themes' neatly brings the various questions raised in the book together in a strong and thoughtful finish. The authors bring rare insights, underpinned by rigorous statistical data on tourism, the various economies and the natural environment. This book will make a much-needed and much-welcomed 'one stop' resource for scholars who have an interest in how tourism systems work across the scattered islands of the seemingly endless Pacific."

Peter Burns, University of Brighton.

A most comprehensive compendium of readings on a range of topics focussing on a part of the world which is becoming of increasing importance.

John Westlake, University of Bournemouth

Chris Cooper is head of the school of tourism and leisure management at The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. He has published a number of texts in tourism and is co-editor of Current Issues in Tourism. C Michael Hall is Professor of Tourism at the University of Otago, New Zealand. He has published widely in the tourism field and is co-editor of Current Issues in Tourism.

1. Introduction C. Cooper & C.M. Hall
Section I Australia
2. Introduction to Australia – L. Ruhanen;
3. Demand for Tourism in Australia – C. Cooper & L. Ruhanen;
4. The Organization of Tourism in Australia – C. Cooper & L. Ruhanen;
5. The Australian Tourism Industry - C. Cooper & L. Ruhanen;
6. Sources of Australian Tourism Statistics – L. Ruhanen and C. Cooper
Section II New Zealand
7. Introduction to New Zealand – P. Treloar & C.M. Hall;
8. Demand for Tourism in New Zealand – P. Treloar & C.M. Hall;
9. The Organization of Tourism in New Zealand – P. Treloar & C.M. Hall;
10. The New Zealand Tourism Industry – P. Treloar & C.M. Hall ;
11. Sources of New Zealand Tourism Statistics – P. Treloar & C.M. Hall
Section III Pacific Islands
12. Introduction to the Pacific Islands – P. Treloar & C.M. Hall;
13. Tourism in the Pacific Islands – P. Treloar & C.M. Hall;
Section IV Contemporary Themes
14. Tourism Investment in the South Pacific – L. Dwyer;
15. Customary Practices and Tourism Development in the French Pacific – A. d'Hauteserre;
16. Tourism and Air Transport in Oceania – D. Duval;
17. Destination Risk Management in Oceania – J. Wilks;
18. Global Warming and Tourism in Oceania – S.C. Smith;
19. Tourism Education in Oceania – S.C. Smith;
20. A Compendium of Tourism Sources for Oceania – L. Ruhanen, C. Cooper, C.M. Hall & P. Treloar

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