The Future Past of Tourism: Historical Perspectives and Future Evolutions

Edited by: Ian Yeoman, Una McMahon-Beattie

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This book offers a critical account of the historical evolution of tourism through the identification and discussion of key turning points. Based on these considerations, future turning points are identified and evaluated. The volume provides a continuum between the past and future of tourism. Its central themes are the globalisation of tourism; the development of destinations; the importance of mobility and transport; the development of the modern hotel; the diversification of niche tourism and the conceptualisation of the past and future of tourism using the evolutionary paradigm in future studies. The core findings of the book provide the first perspective on how the history of tourism will shape its future.

Another masterpiece from the formidable pair Yeoman and McMahon-Beattie tracing the histories of tourism through tipping points for us to learn lessons for the future. This is the book we've been waiting for in times of rapid change and uncertainties shedding much-needed light on possible trajectories and contemplating a more sustainable future.

Heike Schänzel, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

This book is to tourism what science fiction is to science. It builds on tourism's past and present to project future evolutionary scenarios. Not all will take place, but future readers will eventually be able to look back and appreciate the vision and foresight of its contributors. A must-read.

Leslie Vella, Malta Tourism Authority, Malta

The belief that the more we know about the past, the better equipped we will be for the future, resonates throughout this book. In a collection of well-crafted chapters, renowned futurist scholars capture and validate the significance of history. This innovative volume demonstrates how the current and potential future existence of our multifaceted tourism industry is persistently influenced, revolutionised and inspired by the past.

Daniel Wright, University of Central Lancashire, UK

[This book] is recommended for researchers to obtain inspiration in developing new research themes, as the chapters offer substantial turning points in the past and the future of the tourism industry.

Journal of Tourism Futures, Vol 6, No 2, 2020

Ian Yeoman is a futurologist specializing in travel and tourism. Ian worked at VisitScotland where he established the process of futures thinking using a variety of techniques including economic modelling, trends analysis and scenario construction and now works at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and the European Tourism Futures Institute, the Netherlands. 

Una McMahon-Beattie is Head of Department for Hospitality and Tourism Management in the Ulster University Business School, Ulster University, Northern Ireland, UK. Her research includes tourism futures, revenue management and tourism and event marketing.


Chapter 1. Ian Yeoman and Una McMahon-Beattie: Does the Past Shape the Future?

Part 1: Globalisation

Chapter 2. Bertus van der Tuuk: History of the Future of Tourism


Chapter 3. Jim Butcher: The Development of Mass Tourism


Part 2: The Development of Place

Chapter 4.  Marie-Louise Mangion: The Historical Future of Tourism: The Case of Malta's Policies

Chapter 5. Klaus Pfatschbacher: Jules Verne as a Key to Understanding Irish Tourism

Chapter 6. Brian Hay: The Growth, Decline and Resurgence of the City-State

Chapter 7. Benjamin Taunay: Geohistorical Analysis of Costal Tourism in China (1841-2017) 

Part 3: Mobility

Chapter 8. Rafael Castro, Gui Lohmann, Bojana Spasojevic, Carla Fraga and Thiago Allis: The Future Past of Aircraft Technology and Their Impact on Stopover Destinations

Chapter 9. Wendy London and Wallace Farias: Forever Young and New - Cruise Tourism

Chapter 10. Jonathan Hui: From Muscles to Electrons: A Technological Look at the Futures of Energy, Transport, and Tourism

Part 4: The Hotel

Chapter 11. Kevin James: Hotel History

Chapter 12. David Williamson: Historical Employment Relations in the New Zealand Tourism Hotel Sector: From a Collective Past to an Individual Future

Part 5: Diversification into Niche Tourism

Chapter 13. Peter Bolan and Mihaela Ghisoiu: Film Tourism through the Ages: From Lumiére to Virtual Reality

Chapter 14. Sabrina Seeler: The Evolution of the Grand Tour in the Digital Society

Chapter 15. Gianna Moscardo, Laurie Murphy, Karen Hughes, Pierre Benckendorff: Shopping on the Edge: Identifying Factors Contributing to Tourist Retail Development in Heritage Villages


Chapter 16. Richard Butler and Wantanee Suntikul: Tourism and Religion: Pilgrims, Tourists and Travellers - Past, Present and Future

Chapter 17. Ghazali Musa and Md Moniruzzaman Sarker: History and Future of Mountaineering Tourism

Chapter 18. Alastair Durie, Ian Yeoman and Una McMahon-Beattie: Sustainability, Ecotourism and Scotland: Concerns, Complaints Conflicts and Conservation

Part 6: Evolution

Chapter 19. Ian Yeoman and Una McMahon-Beattie: Does the Past Shape the Future of Tourism? A Cognitive Map(s) Perspective


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