The Future of Food Tourism: Foodies, Experiences, Exclusivity, Visions and Political Capital

Edited by: Ian Yeoman, Una McMahon-Beattie, Kevin Fields, Julia N. Albrecht, Kevin Meethan

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This book presents a systematic and pattern-based explanation of food tourism, focusing on how and why change could occur and what the implications could be. In the future will food tourism involve food grown in the laboratory or a more authentic experience associated with place and history? The book's approach to the future has focused on explanation; the contributors look for the causes, trends and theoretical concepts that explain change, thus attempting to justify and explore the future. Scenarios are used to explore alternative futures and the book examines the implications for the future of food tourism and highlights future research avenues. This book is primarily aimed at postgraduate students and researchers in the field of tourism studies.

This book takes us on a journey from the past to the future of food tourism, an area of study that has only received attention from academic researchers recently. The various chapters take us through an eclectic range of topics. More than a melting pot of knowledge, it is a gumbo that mixes several ingredients but that allows us to taste, differentiate, and appreciate each of them.

The editors have excelled in blending an eclectic range of essays on the increasingly essential theme of Food Tourism. Recognising the visitor's basic need to acquire sustenance, the book examines the contemporary and potential of food as a differentiator of destination and visitor expectation. This publication works both as a good backgrounder on the topic of food tourism while provoking thought and debate on the future direction of the subject.

For most, contemplating the future of food is what we plan to have for dinner tonight - and the future of tourism our next travel destination options. Intertwining these two futures contemplations, yet with a more distant horizon, this book is elegant, challenging, humorous, and scary at times, but an accessible compilation showcasing the intellectual expertise of some leading thinkers in the food and tourism space.

What this book does offer in spades is an opening dialogue on these issues and some very thoughtful, creative and intuitive insights into the topic. I recommend this book and look forward to future research it may inspire.

Hospitality & Society, 6 (3) pp. 287–303

Ian Yeoman is Associate Professor and futurist at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and the European Tourism Futures Institute, Netherlands. His research interests include tourism futures, scenario planning and revenue management.

Una McMahon-Beattie is Professor and Head of Department for Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ulster University, UK. Her research interests include tourism and event marketing, revenue management and tourism futures.

Kevin Fields worked in the hospitality industry before entering academia 23 years ago. He taught at three universities across hospitality, events and tourism courses – with specific interests in business tourism and food-related tourism.

Julia N. Albrecht is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Otago, New Zealand. Her academic interests include tourism strategy and planning, visitor management and tourism in wine destinations. 

Kevin Meethan is Associate Professor at Plymouth University, UK. He has broad and interdisciplinary research interests including cultural change and global-local relations in tourism.

Foreword - Erik Wolf: To Boldly Go…
Part 1: The Past, Present and Future
1. Ian Yeoman, Una McMahon-Beattie, Kevin Fields, Julia N. Albrecht and Kevin Meethan: An Introduction to the Future
2. Stephen Boyd: The 'Past' and 'Present' of Food Tourism
3. Ian Yeoman and Una McMahon-Beattie: The Future of Food Tourism: Star Trek Replicator and Exclusivity
Part 2: Food Tourism
4. Christine Hansen: The Future Fault Lines of Food
5. Harvey Ells: The Impact of Future Food Supply on Food and Drink Tourism
6. John Mulcahy: Future Consumption: Gastronomy and Public Policy
7. Tobias Danielmeier and Julia N. Albrecht: Architecture as Driver of Future Winery Experiences
8. Karen Hurley: Envisioning AgriTourism 2115 - Organic Food, Convivial Meals, Hands in the Soil, and No Flying Cars
9. Kevin Meethan: Making the Difference: The Experience Economy and the Future of Regional Food Tourism
10. Kevin Fields: Intellectual Property Rights and Food
Part 3: Food Tourism and the Future Tourist
11. David Scott and Tara Duncan: Back to the Future: The Affective Power of Food in Reconstructing a Tourist Imaginary
12. Ian Yeoman and Una McMahon-Beattie The Changing Demographics of Male Foodies: Why Men Cook But Don't Wash Up!
13. Jennifer Laing and Warwick Frost: The New Food Explorer: Beyond the Experience Economy
14. Brian Hay: The Future of Dining Alone: 700 Friends and I Dine Alone!
15. Gianna Moscardo, Christina Minihan and Joseph O'Leary: Dimension of the Food Tourism Experience: Building Future Scenarios
Part 4: Research Directions
16. Eunice Eunjung Yoo: Food in Scholarship: Thoughts on Trajectories for Future Research
17. Ian Yeoman, Una McMahon-Beattie and Carol Wheatley: The Future of Food Tourism: A Cognitive Map(s) Perspective
Endnote - Sarah Meikle: The Future of Food Tourism

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