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Essays on Conference Interpreting

Author: James Nolan | Paperback | 9781788927987

This book condenses the important lessons learned at key points during the author’s 30-year career as an intergovernmental conference interpreter and trainer, seeking to define what constitutes good interpreting and how to develop the skills and abilities that are conducive to it, as well as fostering practices and technologies tha…

Grassroots Literacy and the Written Record A Textual History of Asbestos Activism in South Africa

Author: John Trimbur | Hardback | 9781788926805

This book examines how asbestos activists living in remote rural villages in South Africa activated metropolitan resources of representation at the grassroots level in a quest for justice and restitution for the catastrophic effects on their lives caused by the asbestos industry.  It follows the Asbestos Interest Group (AIG) over a …

Language, Culture and Identity in Two Chinese Community Schools More than One Way of Being Chinese?

Author: Sara Ganassin | Hardback | 9781788927222

This book investigates the social, political and educational role of community language education in migratory contexts. It draws on an ethnographic study that investigates the significance of Mandarin-Chinese community schooling in Britain as an intercultural space for those involved.…

Tasks, Pragmatics and Multilingualism in the Classroom A Portrait of Adolescent Writing in Multiple Languages

Author: Sofía Martín-Laguna | Hardback | 9781788923644

This book reports on a longitudinal study of the acquisition of pragmatic markers in written discourse in a third language (English) by secondary students living in the bilingual (Spanish and Catalan) Valencian Community in Spain. It examines pragmatic transfer, specifically positive transfer, in multilingual students from a holistic per…

Adult Minority Language Learning Motivation, Identity and Target Variety

Author: Colin J. Flynn | Hardback | 9781788927031

This book examines the role of affective variables in the process of learning a minority language. It presents a comprehensive account of how adult learners’ attitude, motivation and identity are related to their awareness of, and commitment to, different dialects and varieties as target speech models.…

Language Education in a Changing World Challenges and Opportunities

Author: Rod Bolitho, Richard Rossner | Paperback | 9781788927840

This book considers the importance of language education in a rapidly changing world. The authors look at language education from different perspectives: the teaching and learning of foreign or second languages; the role of literacy, oracy and language across the curriculum; the part played by different stakeholders in educational policy…

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The Role of Interpreting in Difficult International Negotiations

This month we are publishing Essays on Conference Interpreting by James Nolan. In this post the author explains the role of interpreting in difficult international negotiations. Commonalities and Groups Negotiating difficulty stems from adversarial positions between two countries or from distances between them in the global geopolitical arena that make it hard to bridge the … Continue reading The Role of Interpreting in Difficult International Negotiations

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