The Emotional Rollercoaster of Language Teaching Edited by: Christina Gkonou, Jean-Marc Dewaele, Jim King

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19 May 2020
Psychology of Language Learning and Teaching
Multilingual Matters
234 x 156
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This book focuses on the emotional complexity of language teaching and how the diverse emotions that teachers experience while teaching are shaped and function. The book is based on the premise that teaching is not just about the transmission of academic knowledge but also about inspiring students, building rapport with them, creating relationships based on empathy and trust, being patient and most importantly controlling one’s own emotions and being able to influence students’ emotions in a positive way. The book covers a range of emotion-related topics on both positive and negative emotions which are relevant to language teaching including emotional labour, burnout, emotion regulation, resilience, emotional intelligence and wellbeing among others. These topics are studied within a wide range of contexts such as teacher education programmes, tertiary education, CLIL and action research settings, and primary and secondary schools across different countries. The book will appeal to any student, researcher, teacher or policymaker who is interested in research on the psychological aspects of foreign language teaching.


This volume provides fascinating insights into the complexity of emotions shaping language teachers’ classroom practice, experiences and working lives. The editors have brought together a rich range of theoretical and empirical perspectives spanning a diversity of professional contexts. The book will be of value to all those concerned with understanding or researching the emotional dimension of language teaching.

- Ema Ushioda, University of Warwick, UK

This timely anthology explores the foundational role of emotions in the professional lives and everyday practices of language teachers. Drawing on a wide range of theoretical, methodological and classroom-based approaches, the chapters open up new dimensions in our knowledge of the complexity and salience of language teacher emotions within and across multiple contexts.

- Cynthia J. White, Massey University, New Zealand

A timely collection that advances new directions for investigating and reflecting on emotions in language education. Bringing various strands of contemporary emotion research to bear on diverse educational contexts across the globe, it provides essential insights into the affective realities that shape teachers’ professional practices and impact their personal wellbeing.

- Matthew T. Prior, Arizona State University, USA

Author Biography:

Christina Gkonou is Senior Lecturer in TESOL, University of Essex, UK. Her research interests include psychology for language learning and teaching, teacher professional identities, language anxiety and teacher education. She is co-editor (with Mark Daubney and Jean-Marc Dewaele) of New Insights into Language Anxiety (Multilingual Matters, 2017).

Jean-Marc Dewaele is Professor in Applied Linguistics and Multilingualism, Birkbeck, University of London¸ UK. He has been working in the field for close to 30 years and has published extensively on multilingualism and emotion. He is General Editor of the Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development.

Jim King is based at the University of Leicester, UK where he directs postgraduate courses in Applied Linguistics and TESOL. His research interests centre around psychological aspects of foreign language education, with a particular focus on learner silence. He is co-editor (with Seiko Harumi) of East Asian Perspectives on Silence in English Language Education (Multilingual Matters, 2020).

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