Connecting School and the Multilingual Home Theory and Practice for Rural Educators Author: Maria R. Coady

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30 Apr 2019
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This book examines the educational achievement gap that multilingual students in disadvantaged, rural communities experience and argues that responsive, successful relationships between schools and multilingual families are a crucial aspect of educators’ work. The author recognizes that no simple strategy will work for all families in all circumstances and that family engagement is more complex than a list of strategies. Building meaningful partnerships and relational trust requires significant knowledge of and engagement with a family’s culture and language repertoire. Educators must reframe their work to recognize the strengths of multilingual families, which are too-often overlooked in school policies and educator practices. This is the first book to focus specifically on rural school settings. However, the ideas and information presented in the book are of use to all educators who wish to support their multilingual students and to meet students' full academic potential.

Author Biography:

Maria R. Coady is Irving and Rose Fien Endowed Professor and Associate Professor of ESOL/Bilingual Education at the University of Florida, USA. She has worked extensively in rural multilingual settings. She is director of Project STELLAR (Supporting Teachers and Educators of English Language Learners Across Rural Settings) and has taught English in the USA and abroad. She has also directed a rural biliteracy development project, Libros de Familia, with multilingual families. 

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