Creativity and Innovations in ELT Materials Development Looking Beyond the Current Design Edited by: Dat Bao

Ebook(PDF) - 264 pages
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31 Mar 2018
Multilingual Matters
234 x 156


This book brings together renowned scholars and new voices to challenge current practices in ELT materials design in order to work towards optimal learning conditions. It proposes ideas and principles to improve second language task design through novel resources such as drama, poetry, literature and online resources; and it maps out a number of unusual connections between theory and practice in the field of ELT materials development. The first section of the book discusses how innovative task-writing ideas can stretch materials beyond the current quality to make them more original and inspiring; the second part examines how different arts and technologies can drive innovation in coursebooks; the third section describes how teachers and learners can participate in materials writing and negotiate ways to personalize learning.

Author Biography:

Dat Bao is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, Monash University, Australia. He is the author of Understanding Silence and Reticence: Ways of Participating in Second Language Acquisition (Bloomsbury, 2014). 

Readership Level:

Postgraduate, Research / Professional

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