Speaking Up Understanding Language and Gender Author: Allyson Jule

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01 Aug 2018
Multilingual Matters
210 x 148

Key features

-†Readers will gain an understanding of gender and language in the media, religion, relationships, workplace, technology and education

- This book engages with the current debates about gender/identity and discusses if the debates are really about language

- It is written for those who want facts - real ones - to back up their arguments

- It asks why it is that womenís language and voice are policed so much more then menís Ė examples include vocal fry and Hillary Clinton

- It discusses what it is OK to say, and when, and why this changes

- It debunks a lot of myths about womenís language Ė e.g. they donít really talk any more than men doÖ

- It makes academic debate and research accessible and welcoming to everyone, and encourages everyone to join in the conversation


From slut-shaming to the allegedly shrill voices of female politicians, from vocal fry to online misogyny, the language women use (and the language used about them) is as controversial as it has ever been. Our language use and our gender have an enormous impact on the way we understand ourselves and the world around us, and the way we are treated by society. Using the latest academic research, Allyson Jule tackles some of the most pressing issues facing feminism today, including how language use and related ideas about gender play out in the home, workplace and online. It turns out that many popular ideas about gender and language are more complicated than they first appear. This book will change the way you think about language, and give you the tools to challenge the world around you.†

Author Biography:

Allyson Jule is an academic specialising in the interaction between language and gender. She is Co-Director of the Gender Studies Institute, Trinity Western University, Canada and an associate of the University of Oxford's International Gender Studies Centre. She has published widely, and her work has featured in†TIME†magazine and The†Ladies Home Journal.

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