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  • Cover image for Preparing Teachers to Teach English as an International Language
  • Cover image for Second Language Pronunciation Assessment
  • Cover image for Translanguaging in Higher Education
  • Cover image for English Language Teaching as a Second Career
  • Cover image for Engaging Superdiversity
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Preparing Teachers to Teach English as an International Language

Edited by: Aya Matsuda | Paperback | 9781783097012

This book explores ways to prepare teachers to teach English as an International Language (EIL) and provides theoretically-grounded models for EIL-informed teacher education. The volume includes two chapters that present a theoretical approach and principles in EIL teacher education, followed by a collection of descriptions of field-test…

Second Language Pronunciation Assessment Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Edited by: Talia Isaacs, Pavel Trofimovich | Paperback | 9781783096831

This book is open access under a CC BY licence. It spans the areas of assessment, second language acquisition (SLA) and pronunciation and examines topical issues and challenges that relate to formal and informal assessments of second language (L2) speech in classroom, research and real-world contexts.…

Translanguaging in Higher Education Beyond Monolingual Ideologies

Edited by: Catherine M. Mazak, Kevin S. Carroll | Paperback | 9781783096633

This book examines translanguaging in higher education and provides clear examples of what translanguaging looks like in practice in particular contexts around the world. While higher education has historically been seen as a monolingual space, the case studies from the international contexts included in this collection show us that inst…

English Language Teaching as a Second Career

Author: Sarah J. Shin | Paperback | 9781783096923

This book explores the experiences of men and women who train to teach ESL as a second career. Drawing from in-depth interviews and observations of 30 students (aged 45 to 73) in a TESOL graduate program, this book provides portraits of these individuals as they develop as teachers.…

Engaging Superdiversity Recombining Spaces, Times and Language Practices

Edited by: Karel Arnaut, Martha Sif Karrebæk, Massimiliano Spotti, Jan Blommaert | Paperback | 9781783096787

This book is the fruition of five years’ work in exploring the idea of superdiversity. The editors argue that sociolinguistic superdiversity could be a source of inspiration to a wide range of post-structuralist, post-colonial and neo-Marxist interdisciplinary research into the potential and the limits of human cultural creativity …

Crosslinguistic Influence in Multilinguals An Examination of Chinese-English-French Speakers

Author: Wai Lan Tsang | Hardback | 9781783096886

This book reports on a research project conducted in multilingual Hong Kong, where Cantonese is the mother tongue (L1) of the majority of the population and learning different foreign languages is commonplace. In addition to English, which is usually the second language (L2), more and more people learn other languages, such as French (L3…

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Today is a sad but exciting day in the Channel View office as we say goodbye (for now) and good luck to Elinor, who is going on maternity leave. Elinor has been working at Channel View for nearly 12 years and has, amongst many other duties, been responsible for managing this blog since its inception […]

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