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New Insights into Language Anxiety Theory, Research and Educational Implications

Edited by: Christina Gkonou, Mark Daubney, Jean-Marc Dewaele | Paperback | 9781783097708

This book provides an overview of current theory, research and practice in the field of language anxiety and brings together a range of perspectives on this psychological construct in a single volume. Chapters in the volume are divided into three sections.…

Providing Health Care in the Context of Language Barriers International Perspectives

Edited by: Elizabeth A. Jacobs, Lisa C. Diamond | Paperback | 9781783097753

Global migration continues to increase, and with it comes increasing linguistic diversity. This presents obvious challenges for both healthcare provider and patient, and the chapters in this volume represent a range of international perspectives on language barriers in health care.…

Beyond Age Effects in Instructional L2 Learning Revisiting the Age Factor

Author: Simone E. Pfenninger, David Singleton | Paperback | 9781783097616

<span>This book constitutes a holistic study of how and why late starters surpass early starters in comparable instructional settings. Combining advanced quantitative methods with individual-level qualitative data, it examines the role of age of onset in the context of the Swiss multilingual educational system and focuses on perf…

Multilingual Interaction and Dementia

Edited by: Charlotta Plejert, Camilla Lindholm, Robert W. Schrauf | Hardback | 9781783097661

This book brings together international, linguistic research with a focus on interaction in multilingual encounters involving people with dementia in care and healthcare settings. The methodologies used (Conversation Analysis, Ethnography and Discursive Constructionism) capture practices on the micro-level, revealing how very subtle deta…

Raising Multilingual Children

Author: Julia Festman, Gregory J. Poarch, Jean-Marc Dewaele | Paperback | 9781783097562

Have you ever been told that raising your child to speak multiple languages will harm their development? Are teachers or other professionals suspicious of your efforts? Are you sometimes unsure if you are helping your child’s language development, or are you uncertain where to start? It is increasingly recognised among researchers …

Optimizing Language Learners’ Nonverbal Behavior From Tenet to Technique

Author: Tammy Gregersen, Peter D. MacIntyre | Paperback | 9781783097357

This book highlights the pivotal role that nonverbal behavior plays in target language communication, affect and cognition. It integrates research tenets and video demonstrations of nonverbal behavior with structured activities that will guide teachers and learners of any language to capitalize on the nonverbal means at their disposal.…

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How can we overcome language barriers in health care?

This month we published Providing Health Care in the Context of Language Barriers edited by Elizabeth A. Jacobs and Lisa C. Diamond. In this post the editors tell us about the inspiration behind the book and what we can expect from reading it. Have you ever had to seek health care in a country where you did not […]

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